The Beautiful Settlements
A unique construction project close to Poprad with a beautiful view over the High Tatras.
Eco-garden created according to principles of permaculture is one of the most significant elements of the project.
The forest pedagogy facility
A place for those wishing to discover and learn about the forest and nature.
The Beautiful Settlements at your place?
Are you interested in having the project similar to the Beautiful Settlements Mlynica also near your town or city?

The Project Idea

The Beautiful Settlements is a unique planning project. With its philosophy and scope, it is the project of its own in Slovakia and surroundings.

The philosophy of the projects is to join three aspects – a wish of every man to live in the real home, the life in harmony with nature and the need of people to have healthy and high quality food. Moreover, there is one more practical reason – low costs of living.

A significant element is also the size of the land. In order to harmonize all the aspects the land is at least 1 hectare large. This big enough area enables the owner to have a living space fulfilling various functions. Apart from the house, it enables to have a place also for vegetable and herb garden, fruit garden, a lake and a small forest. Put it simply – to create a real home for himself and his family on a hectare of land. A home where children, grandchildren are happy, … home that one can neither buy nor sell.

We believe that the way to have nice and peaceful living must go hand in hand with the respect for nature. Therefore, the condition in construction of the Beautiful Settlements is to use only natural materials and in operation of the houses to use cost-saving and ecological technologies.

When choosing the area we considered the needs of a nowadays man – to have a city with all its facilities and job opportunities near at hand.

A commercial zone and forest pedagogy facility is an important part of the area.
Project is characterized by its availability, independence and headway. If you wish for energy and economical independence, cost available living in a healthy environment, connected with the latest approaches and ecological technologies, if you wish for fruit and vegetables grown with your own hands, you will find your place at the Beautiful Settlements. The Beautiful Settlements project is for those who think ahead – bearing in mind the future of their children and our planet, too.

Why to live in the Beautiful Settlements?

Ecological living in the heart of nature, yet close to town.

Modern technologies in harmony with nature decrease your costs of living.

Your garden offers food self-sufficiency and independence.

Life in your own garden saves a lot of time and money, you can then spend free time with children, family and doing hobbies.

Your children will not grow up in streets, among cars and block of flats, to the contrary, they will spend childhood climbing trees and playing in the fields.

The latest toy can never teach children more than what they learn while watching nature.

Life in the Beautiful Settlements offers new possibilities to start business and barter between neighbours.

Surrounded by nature and tranquillity, you relieve stress and get a boost of positive energy.

Realization team

Investor: AZOR, s.r.o., Scherffelova 38, 058 01 Poprad
Architects: Ing. arch. Viliam Holeva, Ing. arch. Pavol Mészáros
Arborist: Ing. Martin Kolník Veles

Hydrobiologist: prof. Ing. Blahoslav Maršálek, CSc.
Permaculture designers: Mgr. Barbora Chomová, Bc. Martin Hrehorčák.
Realization of planting: Martin Zoričák.

Are you interested in having the project similar to the Beautiful Settlements Mlynica also near your town or city?