Why do I have to join the central administration?

Similarly to smaller districts with demands on administration of common premises and facilities, the Beautiful Settlements as well will require maintenance of common roads, green areas or common technical facilities. Regarding the area of lands and whole territory, the scope of care will be greater. In addition to common areas and facilities, the Krásne Sady Mlynica – servisná a prevádzková, a. s., in case you are interested, may take responsibility also over your individual requirements that relate to technologies or some work connected with the land maintenance.

What are the benefits of using the services of Krásne Sady, a.s. in the construction?

The Beautiful Settlements project is a unique project for many reasons. Synergy of more buildings at the same time ensures:

  • better price of construction
  • unity of design and technologies that are used
  • saving personal time
  • professionalism and expertise
  • use of innovative and unique technologies
  • guarantee

With this collective process we aim to maximize the benefits for clients and maintain our goal from the point of architecture and construction. This approach might one regard as a certain restriction. Therefore, it is responsibility of every single person to compare the benefits that the construction realized through Krásne Sady, a.s. offers with individual choice and individual construction. We reckon that when comparing both offers you will agree that what seems to be negative now might turn to positive later.

Why is the sale of overproduction realized solely through Krásne Sady, a.s.?

Concerning the sale of overproduction it is necessary to consider following circumstances:

  • each land owner is a shareholder of Krásne Sady, a.s.,
  • high demands on food and products from the point of controlling authorities,
  • unified approach provides guarantee to cover a certain volume of demand.

This kind of sale frees you of troubles connected with the sale of overproduction. When concerning these circumstances the formal union of people interested in growing and making products from their own harvest is a must.

Why the planting and construction on the land depends on elaboration of the binding design of the land?

Not much attention has been paid to planting on the land designated for permanent living. No one has ever considered the planting to be a living organism which, with its lifetime, overcomes any other building constructed with traditional construction materials. Such approach at present times results in trees besides family houses being cut in the middle or third of its majestic height, or plantations totally destroyed because they are out of sudden getting in the way. And here we speak about planting on small areas, usually up to 500 m2. In case of larger areas the negative effect of planting might be significantly higher, it might be more difficult to remove or change it. That is the reason why we pay a great attention to preparation before planting itself. Our experts provide every person with assistance, or they ask the right critical questions, and finally, upon request, they create the land design which is functional, not requiring much reconstruction after several years of its life.

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