A way to the land

What do I buy?

The price for land depends on its size and way of its use. Each land covers an area of more than 1 hectare. It is not possible to buy a smaller land, nor to divide it anyhow.

Basic facility of the land includes:

  • electricity and internet connection,
  • a road leading to your land enforced with the road metal.

A land owner is responsible at his own costs for water supply, waste treatment, heating. When doing so, the owner undertakes to use modern ecological technologies and methods. There is an asphalt road only at the entry into the location, all the other roads running to the lands are to be of road metal. Public lightning is to be located in designated areas only.

In addition to the price for land and basic facilities, the purchase price includes also:

  • a share in common areas for commercial purposes,
  • a share in common areas for forest pedagogy facility,
  • a share in common areas for other areas and pavement,
  • a share in the trust company Krásne Sady Mlynica – servisná a prevádzková, a. s.
  • planting the public areas.

Moreover, the price includes professional consultation and advisory services in the area of planting and starting eco-gardens, and permaculture.


In order to ensure long-term sustainability of the concept of Beautiful Settlements and to fulfil its ideas, we have decided for an innovative approach. We have created frames the compliance of which shall be binding upon the owners of the land. Such frames relate to three basic areas:

  • to the property arrangements of ownership relationships,
  • to the land, eco-garden and buildings located on the land,
  • to the administration and maintenance carried out by the trust company.

The purchase process

  • 1. Choosing a land

    Out of those lands available in the Beautiful Settlements chose THE ONE. A place where you would love to live and where you wish your children to live their life. A place which your grandchildren will keep in their memories with love.

  • 2. Reservation and design

    A reservation fee for the land represents 30% of the total purchase price. This sum must be paid within 7 days of the signing of the reservation agreement. Upon concluding the agreement, you can start planning your ideal home together with our permaculture designers.

  • 3. Terrain work and planting

    After paying the purchase price you can start with the terrain work and planting.

  • 4. Building

    When constructing the building through Krásne Sady, a.s. you get a discount of EUR 10 000. You can choose a house from our model catalogue or you can design your own.