Why ECO?

The Eco-garden created according to principles of permaculture is one of the most significant elements of a whole concept of the Beautiful Settlements. Nowadays we can see that minimum attention is paid to planting when dealing with issues of living. Houses in individual built-up areas tend to have modern gardens, with decorative and exotic trees and bushes, with a loan neatly cut. Though the gardens are nice at first sight, they bring more work than joy to their owners.

Paradox of modern times is reflected in the following witty story download here that we borrowed from the book by Jaroslav Svoboda.

We wish for healthy and quality food. We can have it if we start to grow and make it ourselves. An eco-garden of your own has several pros. Except for initial few years after its creation, the permaculture garden is not maintenance-consuming. Our home harvest has significantly higher nutrition than nobody-knows-how-grown crops in supermarkets. When working in the garden every one becomes a creator of his own living space. Watching the seeds and plants growing slowly into fruit can bring, in addition to happiness and use, also awareness of how genius the whole universe is. Another aspect well worth mentioning is that it saves money in your wallet.

What is the Permaculture?

Permaculture – is not just a way of growing, yet the way we think, what we do – simply, the living style. It is a system of designing the land, connecting ethical principles, quality and healthy living, production of your own food. Basic features of permaculture include: respecting the laws of nature, ethical handling with natural resources, producing only recycled waste, using locally available sources, maximum effect while investing minimum energy.

  • 1. Hedge row

    It has several pros in comparison to other types of fences. It does not need to be painted, nor repaired. With the right choice and placement of trees and bushes, just minimum involvement is required. This kind of fence serves as a wind-breaker and provides suitable climate for growing and living. It will change colours and smell every season...

  • 2. Forest

    A place where you hide before heat, where you flee from the surrounding world. A place which you will not place your hand upon, yet you will watch how the nature handles itself. Create your own wilderness. If you want to breed animals, choose a place for them in this part.

  • 3. Lake

    A natural lake is not just a nice, aesthetic element of the eco-garden, but it fulfils an ecological task important for the whole garden eco-system. Moreover, you appreciate your own water area during hot summers.

  • 4. Fruit garden, vegetable and herb garden

    It would not be an eco-garden without apple trees, plumb or pear trees, without carrot patches, chive or herbs. The Beautiful Settlements become really beautiful also thanks to you.

How to start

  • Before you start planting first trees and designing your land it is important to realize that you create your future living space not for one nor five years, yet for many years ahead. You make it not just for yourself, yet for your children and generation to come.
  • According to the rules of permaculture, you should spend a lot of time on your land before the designing itself and watch your future home, explore it and watch it again… So watch what grows here, what is the land orientation, what the soil is…
  • A hectare land is a big enough area. Think about what you want to aim at in growing – whether you prefer fruit garden, growing trees for wood or something else.
  • Decide how much area you want for individual zones. Our permaculture experts will provide you with assistance in creating your future space for living.