One day God asked Ss. Francis…
God: Francis, you know all about gardens and nature, what is going on down there? What happened to dandelions, violets, daisies and to other things that I had planted there ages before? I had a perfect maintenance-free garden plan. Plants had grown in any soil, survived drought and reproduced a lot. Nectar from long-lasting flowers attracted butterflies, bees and flock of birds. I have expected beautiful gardens, full of colours and flowers. But all I see is green pieces of land…
Ss. Francis: It is all because of that tribe that settled there, Lord. They call them “Suburbians”… They call your flowers weed, they destroy it furiously and replace it with grass.
God: With grass? It is so boring! It is not colourful. It does not attract bees, butterflies, nor birds, just caterpillar and earthworms. It is sensitive to temperature changes. Do these Suburbians really want the grass to grow there?
Ss. Francis: Obviously yes, Lord. They undergo a great torture when growing it. Each spring they start to fertilize and destroy other plants that spring up on a lown.
God: Spring rain and summer weather probably cause the grass to grow really fast. The Suburbians must be really happy.
Ss. Francis: It seems that they are not, Lord. As soon as the grass grows a bit higher, they cut it twice a week.
God: They cut it? Do they make the hey?
Ss. Francis: No, Lord. Majority of them rake it and put it into bags.
God: Into bags? Why? Is it worthy? Do they sell it?
Ss. Francis: No, Lord, the opposite. They pay for taking it away.
God: Now wait a minute: They fertilize it so that it grows and when it grows they cut it and pay for getting rid of it?
Ss. Francis: Yes, Lord.
God: These Suburbians must feel a great relief in the summer when we switch the rain off and turn the heat on. It surely slows the grass from growing and saves a lot of work.
Ss. Francis : You will not believe this, Lord! When the grass stops growing they quickly bring out hoses and pay even more money for watering, so that they can continue with cutting and taking it away.
God: It is a real nonsense! At least they have left some trees there. It was brilliant of me, I must praise myself. Trees get leaves to be pretty and to bring summer shade in the spring. In the autumn, the leaves fall and create a natural cover to keep moisture inside the soil, thus they protect trees and bushes. Moreover, then decompose to enrich the soil. It is a natural circle of life.
Ss. Francis: You had better sit down, Lord. The Suburbians rake the leaves and make a huge piles, put it into bags and pay for taking it away instead.
God: It is not possible!! And what do they do to protect roots of trees and bushes against frost and to keep the soil wet and not burnt?
Ss. Francis: After they throw the leaves out, they buy something called mulch in plastic bags. They bring it home and scatter it instead of leaves.
God: Where do they get the mulch from?
Ss. Francis: They cut the trees and grind them to produce this mulch.
God: That’s enough!!! I don’t want to think about it any more. Saint Catherine, you are responsible for culture. What film is going on tonight?
Ss. Catherine: “Dump and Dumper”, Lord. It really is a dump film about …
God: That’s ok, choose something else. I think I’ve heard about it from Francis.