Beautiful Settlements in a new year

In Spravodaj 12

We managed to move the Beautiful Settlements another step further throughout the last year. A great deal of work was done on an area surrounded by three Tatras villages, Mlynica, Nová Lesná and Nový Slavkov. The work resulted in first buildings standing and first trees growing there.

Last year we finished a majority of roads (more about this topic in a following article). Several drill holes and depressions were made to stabilize water within the territory. Some families planted a great number of trees and collected their first harvest. We put into operation the first two buildings of Forest Pedagogy Facility and we held first events.

This year is for us, and for future owners, the year when our plans, drawings and visions become real. What can we expect in 2018?

– electric networks distributed to individual lands,

– planting the main tree alleys,

– continuing to build the Forest Pedagogy Facility,

– starting the construction of Nursery School.

Some people already submitted applications for planning permission to build a house at the end of last year, so it can be assumed that they will greet the following Christmas holiday here.