Each land has its road

In Spravodaj 12

Roads in the Beautiful Settlements consist of three main types – main access road, access and tertiary roads. The roads that we constructed are made of mineral concrete. A proper name is a bit too long and complicated – mechanically reinforced aggregate, with the defined grain size. The aim was to create the first roads in the Beautiful Settlements, without using asphalt or concrete.

The main access road in the Beautiful Settlements starts at the main entrance to the territory and finishes at the point where it joins the asphalt road from Nová Lesná to Horný Smokovec (there is a marked hiking trail). Access roads go towards individual zones and several shorter parts of tertiary roads join lands with the access road, or the main access road. At the entry to the area you can find a small place with asphalt surface, which was a requirement of the Administration and Maintenance of Roads of Prešov Self-governing Region.

The roads constructed of mineral concrete look natural, the water and air permeability is perfect in comparison to asphalt roads, however, maintenance is slightly more difficult. “All the roads in Beautiful Settlements are made in the same way, they only differ in their width. The main access road is wide enough for two cars to pass easily. The access and tertiary roads are not so wide, the width is 4,5 – 5 metres,” explains Jozef Slovík, a site manager. When constructing this type of roads, first we have to remove soil below the future road base, the subsoil is then reinforced and flattened. Then we place the geotextile, followed by the geogrid, then it is covered with aggregate and spread using a grader. “Such a geoboard is constructed on all places to allow each owner to access their lands. We are just about to finish some details – infiltration and drainage along the roads,” explains Jozef Slovík. He also says that the top layer of roads will be constructed once the majority of work is done, which means when all terrain depressions are finished and houses are built, because such heavy mechanisms would damage the road. (BS)