Each land has its road

Roads in the Beautiful Settlements consist of three main types – main access road, access and tertiary roads. The roads that we constructed are made of mineral concrete. A proper name is a bit [...]

The Beautiful Settlements spread

Territory of the Beautiful Settlements got larger by another five lands. There are currently 56 lands and more lands shall be added up, where the whole territory of the Beautiful Settlements will [...]

We will clean the stream

Once the snow and ice has melted, just like every after-winter-time, it uncovered a lot of rubbish. On Saturday the 27th we will “fight” with that rubbish. Put on wellingtons, wear rubber gloves, [...]

The spring-not-waking-up

Spring has already crossed the threshold of winter and someone is still not awake. It is not surprising, since bees have worked hard all winter to preserve the continuity of life. Bees will pop [...]

Their daughter chose the land

Some time ago we were sitting at the table thinking about the slogan that would be suitable for our project. Our colleague Štefan came into an office and uttered: How about starting to live at [...]

May in the Beautiful Settlements

We wish to be creative and active at the weekend in May of 6th and 7th. We have organized interesting events for children, our children, your children, children from near and far. The Saturday [...]

The way I started bee keeping

Once you look inside the hive and feel the power of that unique “super-organism” with vibration and smell of solar energy, you will never walk away from bees, you set off for a [...]

We present a straw house Stella

We wish to help those interested in living with us in the Beautiful Settlements Mlynica and help you out also in this way. In this article we offer a project, together with a co-author of a zone [...]

First job is done

Last Saturday we organized a small working group at Beautiful Settlements. We received a pile of chopped up wood to be used for heating in the Forest Pedagogy Facility which needed to be put [...]