First buildings are already in operation

In Spravodaj 11

We have been waiting for really long, however, at last the first buildings of the Forest Pedagogy Facility located in the Beautiful Settlements passed through the final building permit procedure, being now in operation.

The whole area of the Forest Pedagogy Facility consists of 6 round buildings to be used for educational activities, while the seventh, a rectangular shape building, will serve as a multiple function hall and as an administration building. Having a specific name: 1. Man, 2. Art, 3. Space, 4. Communication, 5. Crafts, 6. Earth, each building is used for a different educational program. (You can read about the summer program organised in the Forest Pedagogy Facility in this article – click on the article). We will step by step work on the facade and exterior of the buildings. We assumed that the last building might be finished next year in the summer.