Rhyming with Zbyňo, dancing with Edita and singing with Michal in the Beautiful Settlements

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Step by step we bring life into the Forest Pedagogy Facility. For the summer, we have prepared several events for children. Doing so, we involved various areas – dance, singing, crafts… There are well-known celebrities – Michal Smetanka, Zbyňo Džadoň, Miroslav Švický, Edita Jónyová and others who will lead the summer camps and create things together with children.

On Saturday, July 29 at 15:00, we will play together with Dušan Sloboda during the event Lets play together. The games, following the Empower the Child concept, involve not only movement, fun, yet overcoming minor obstacles and training one’s determination, ambitions and trust.

Between 31/07/2017 – 04/08/2017 and 07/08/2017 – 11/08/2017 we have planned daily camps called Secrets of Forest. Children can expect games in nature, discovering sneak-holes in the forest every day between 09:00 – 16:00 while learning English language.

The daily camp Rhyming with Zbyňo, working with clay with Zuzka will be held during the third week in August, from 14/08/ to 18/08/. It will be aimed at music and working with clay. A singer, presenter and writer Zbyňo Džadoň will manage the music block. Zbyňo has participated in various successful children projects – he is an author of a musical Kozliatka, he released 2 CDs for children Ema a Farby and a couple of weeks ago his book called Lara a nebo was published. Together with children, they will learn tones, look for rhythm in nature and while doing usual activities, and they will create rhymes to be turned to songs at the end. A leader of an art block will be Zuzana Skařupová, an artist and actress. She will tell children about the work with clay and together they will create interesting clay art.

Between 22/08/ and 25/08/, children can attend a 4-day education program called Treasures hidden inside a word and dance. The topics will include natural elements, earth, water, air and fire and discover such elements in songs, dance, words and singing. Michal Smetanka, a folklorist Edita Jónyová and a musician and writer Miroslav Švický (Žiarislav) will help children with this “discovering”. Miroslav Švický will also talk to children about Slovak language in unconventional way – they will look at some words in Slovak language and the way they originated.

For more information about programs, check our Event Calendar at our internet site.

It is necessary to make a reservation for individual programs in advance by calling 0911 089 062 or e-mail at info@krasnesady.sk.
We wish you lovely summer days. 😊 (ks)